The Lab Equipment Monitoring eBook. 

With constant developments of new technologies, changing regulations, and pressure to pass audits, it’s overwhelming to keep pace, let alone get ahead of the curve. 

Learn best practices for your laboratory equipment in this eBook.


X_circle Maintain Proper Lab Conditions

X_circle Comply with Strict Regulations

X_circle Prevent Alarm Fatigue

X_circle 24/7 Dedicated Support Team

X_circle Monitoring Tailored to Your Lab

Download "The Lab Equipment Monitoring eBook"

Lab Monitoring-as-a-Service

XiltriX installs and proactively manages state-of-the-art laboratory monitoring systems, leveraging advanced analytics to provide value added insights to improve laboratory operations.

Customers have complete access and control over the system, without bearing the burden of implementing, learning, and managing a robust monitoring solution.

The XiltriX SafetyNet team works with you to configure the system, generate custom quality reports, and provide 24/7 live support when critical deviations occur.

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Predictive Analytics

Lab Equipment doesn't just suddenly fail. Days, weeks or months before a failure occurs, the equipment will start to show certain deviations or patterns. The XiltriX SafetyNet team actively monitors for these deviations and alerts customers of potential problems before it's too late.


Customized Quality Reports

The XiltriX SafetyNet Team creates custom reports specific to your needs for quality & compliance. The system automates when & how you receive reports. In the event of an audit, the XiltriX SafetyNet team assists in generating the necessary information to prove compliance.


24/7 Service & Support

The XiltriX SafetyNet team works 24/7 providing an additional line of defense in the event of an emergency. XiltriX Automatically escalates alarms and does not stop until someone actions the system. In a technical alarm, a SafetyNet team member steps in to help resolve the situation. 

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