Laboratory Environmental Monitoring to Standardize Data

This session will outline a risk-based approach for data trending and analysis of Lab Equipment, Building Systems, Ambient Parameters, and even Back-Up Power Supplies to ensure your facility is protected from a catastrophe.

Laboratories require a robust data acquisition system to keep a pulse on critical infrastructure, expensive equipment, and controlled environmental conditions that may adversely affect scientific processes. The lab of the future requires an environmental monitoring platform that can homogenize complex laboratory data from disparate sources, predict when equipment is likely to fail, and provide remote visibility into lab operations in real-time. As lab operations expand and become more complex, it is critical to future-proof facilities with a flexible, data-centric monitoring solution to enable organizations to adapt quickly and meet the ever-evolving demands.

What you can expect to learn:

  • How to integrate various data sources to improve laboratory operations
  • How to leverage real-time data to mitigate risks and secure valuable assets
  • How real-time laboratory environmental monitoring enables a remote workforce
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